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Embark on a Journey of Flavors and History With Gabriel as your guide, each tour is not just a visit but a story waiting to be told. From ancient forts to delicious cheeses, let the Aran Islands captivate your senses and curiosity.

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The Aran Islands, Co. Galway

Half-Day Food Tours of Inishmore

Join us for an engaging and delightful Half-Day Food Tour of Inishmore! Perfect for those with a tight schedule but a big appetite for adventure, this tour offers a wonderful snapshot of the island’s rich history, vibrant culture, and delectable cuisine. Here’s a detailed look at the experiences we have lined up for you on this immersive journey.


The Aran Islands, Co. Galway

Full-Day Food Tours of Inishmore

Welcome to Aran Goat Cheese and Food Tours, where we invite you to experience the enchanting beauty and rich culture of the Aran Islands through our Full-Day Food Tour of Inishmore. This immersive journey is perfect for adventurers, history buffs, and food enthusiasts alike. Join us as we explore iconic landmarks, savor local delicacies, and connect with the island’s vibrant heritage. Here’s a detailed look at what awaits you on this unforgettable tour.


We visit many highlights on tour tour, such as these majestic locations below

Discover the Rich Flavors and Heritage of the Aran Islands with Gabriel's Goats Cheese and Food Tours

Experience the Charm of Dún Eochla (The Black Fort)

Ancient Forts and Spectacular Views Venture to the highest point on Inishmore and uncover the hidden gem of Dún Eochla. This superb stone ring fort, with its towering walls and stunning location, offers a glimpse into a bygone era. Despite being overshadowed by its more famous neighbours, Dún Eochla’s remarkable preservation makes it a must-see.

Key Features:

  • Breathtaking panoramic views
  • Impressive ancient stone architecture
  • Lesser-known historical site, away from the crowds

Join us for an exploration of history and heritage at Dún Eochla. Book your spot today!

Marvel at Eeragh Lighthouse

Guiding Lights and Maritime Legends Standing tall on Rock Island, Eeragh Lighthouse has been guiding mariners since 1818. Learn about its fascinating history and the vital role it plays in ensuring safe passage into Galway Bay. This visit is a beacon of maritime tales and stunning coastal vistas.

Key Features:

  • Historic lighthouse with a rich maritime history
  • Stunning views of Galway Bay
  • Insight into lighthouse operations and local lore

Don’t miss the chance to explore Eeragh Lighthouse. Reserve your tour now!

Walk Through Time at Na Seacht Teampaill (The Seven Churches)

Pilgrimage and Peace Discover the ancient monastic site of Na Seacht Teampaill, or The Seven Churches. This spiritual haven was once a major pilgrimage destination and remains a place of profound tranquillity and historical significance. Wander among the ruins and soak in the serene atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • Historic monastic site with rich religious significance
  • Beautifully preserved ruins and churches
  • Peaceful setting perfect for reflection and exploration

Step back in time with a visit to Na Seacht Teampaill. Secure your place today!

Explore the Majestic Dún Aonghasa (aUN aONGHUS)

Prehistoric Fortifications and Clifftop Wonders Perched dramatically on a cliff edge, Dún Aonghasa is the largest of the prehistoric stone forts on the Aran Islands. Its awe-inspiring structure and breathtaking views of the Atlantic make it an unforgettable stop on our tour.

Key Features:

  • Largest prehistoric stone fort on the Aran Islands
  • Stunning clifftop location with panoramic ocean views
  • Rich archaeological history with evidence of ancient life

Experience the grandeur of Dún Aonghasa. Book your tour now!

Delight in Kilmurvey Craft Village

Artisans and Refreshments Nestled at the foot of Dún Aonghasa, Kilmurvey Craft Village offers a charming array of local arts and crafts. Enjoy browsing unique items or relax with a coffee before continuing your adventure.

Key Features:

  • Eclectic mix of Irish arts and crafts
  • Cozy café for refreshments
  • Perfect stop before or after visiting Dún Aonghasa

Discover the charm of Kilmurvey Craft Village. Join our tour today!

Witness the Seal Colony

Nature’s Spectacle On the road to Dún Aonghasa, the seal colony is a delightful sight. Watch these playful creatures basking on the rocks and beach, set against the stunning backdrop of Connemara’s mountains.

Key Features:

  • View seals in their natural habitat
  • Scenic coastal location
  • Ideal for nature lovers and photographers

Don’t miss the playful seals. Reserve your tour spot now!

Immerse Yourself in Aran Island Goat's Cheese

From Farm to Table Visit our family-run goat farm and cheese factory on Inish Mór. Meet our friendly goats, learn about traditional cheese-making processes, and enjoy a tasting of our unique cheeses, each infused with the flavors of the Aran Islands.

Key Features:

  • Hands-on cheese-making demonstration
  • Meet and greet with friendly goats
  • Taste a variety of locally produced cheeses

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