Meet Us

At Aran Island Goat Cheese and Food Tours, we believe that great cheese starts with happy goats and a deep respect for tradition. Our journey began with Gabriel, whose passion for the island’s history and love for cheesemaking inspired the creation of our unique tours. Gabriel’s family has been a part of the Aran Islands for generations, and his connection to the land and its stories is evident in every aspect of our business.

Gabriel, with his charming storytelling and a few cúpla focal of Gaelic, invites you to explore the island’s history, his family’s legacy, and the delightful personalities of our goats, each with friendly names like Catherine and Shile. With humour and a touch of local flavour, Gabriel bridges tradition and modern charm, making each tour a memorable experience.

Cheesemaker & Founder

Meet Gabriel

Gabriel is a former deep sea fisherman who has truly found his calling in combining cheesemaking with tourism.
Ten years into production and the range of cheeses is multi-award winning.
Presently Aran Goats Cheese produces a range of soft cheese boilies in Original. Dillisk-infused, Mediterranean, Honey & Cranberry, and a Feta-style cheese.
The brilliantly named Parmasaran is a hard cheese.
The whey from the cheesemaking is fed to the farm animals so nothing goes to waste. You eat the curds, they eat the whey. Everyone’s a winner!

Visit the Farm

Meet the Goats

Gabriel of Aran Goat’s Cheese will introduce you some of his herd of 100 goats – don’t tell anyone, but one is named after his mother in law!

Then he will take you you through the process of making his award-winning products. He’s a born storyteller and weaves so much knowledge into his story. It’s really entertaining and informative. Then you get to sample and experience the range for yourself.

His beautiful Nubian and Saanen goats graze on the unique pastures of Inis Mór – the largest of the three Aran Islands on the fabled Wild Atlantic Way. The climate is perfect for the grass which is also rich in herbs as the island is served by the Gulf Stream. The unique diet of the goats gives the cheese its unique, delicious flavour.

Our Great Dame

Meet Catherine

The star of the show is none other than Catherine, our beloved Great Dame Goat. Catherine is not just any goat; she’s the heart and soul of our herd, a true embodiment of the spirit of the Aran Islands. With her gentle demeanor and regal presence, Catherine has become a cherished member of our family and a favorite among our visitors.

Catherine’s story is as rich and vibrant as the landscape she roams. Born and raised on the harsh rocky pastures of the Aran Islands, she epitomizes the traditional values and sustainable practices we hold dear. With her striking coat and majestic horns, Catherine commands attention and exudes a sense of calm wisdom that captivates everyone she meets. Her friendly nature and inquisitive spirit make her an instant hit with both children and adults, adding a personal touch to our tours.

Join us and meet Catherine, where you’ll experience firsthand the unique bond we share with our animals. As you stroll through our farm, you’ll see Catherine leading her herd, showcasing her natural leadership and grace. Whether she’s grazing peacefully or interacting playfully with her fellow goats, Catherine’s presence enriches the experience, making your visit unforgettable. So come on in, meet Catherine, and discover the charm and heritage of the Aran Islands through her eyes.

Our Mischievous One

Meet Shíle

Get ready to meet Shile, our playful and mischievous goat who never fails to entertain our visitors. Shile, with her curious eyes and spirited personality, is always up to something fun, whether it’s sneaking an extra treat or leading her fellow goats on an unexpected adventure around the farm. Her antics bring laughter and joy to everyone she encounters, making her a beloved character here on the Aran Islands. Shile embodies the lively spirit of our farm, adding a touch of whimsy to the serene beauty of the island. Come visit us and let Shile’s playful charm make your experience truly unforgettable.

The Bold One

Meet Billy

Introducing Billy, the bold and charismatic leader of our goat herd. With his striking horns and confident stance, Billy commands attention and respect from both his fellow goats and our visitors. Known for his assertive personality and natural leadership, Billy is always at the forefront, guiding the herd through the rocky pastures of the Aran Islands. His strong-willed nature and protective instincts ensure that the herd stays safe and cohesive, embodying the strength and resilience of our farming traditions.

Billy’s leadership isn’t just about dominance; it’s also about his deep connection with the other goats. He often takes on the role of a guardian, watching over the younger and more timid members of the herd. Visitors to our farm are often captivated by Billy’s presence and enjoy watching his interactions with the rest of the goats. His bold spirit and unwavering confidence make him a true symbol of the vibrant and enduring heritage of the Aran Islands. Come meet Billy and witness firsthand the dynamic energy he brings to our farm.